Frozen pipes are no less than nightmares to any individual. One night you sleep in peace and next morning, there is water in pipes and still no water. What do you even do?
Frozen pipes are one of the most disastrous emergencies in the house. Between the water that will fill the room, water damage, mold and mildew, and a pipe that will need replacement, a lot can go wrong.
To save you from getting screwed, Plumbing Etobicoke up with few warning signs that may help you identify that your pipes has started to freeze and you can take actions for that.

  1. Change in temperature: A pipe never freezes inside a house on its own. The process starts when the cold increases outside. The time when you start freezing is the best time to know that time has come when pipes will freeze.
  2. Frost building: The whole house has pipe system in it with basement, garage, kitchen and bathroom, of course. If you can see the slightest bit of frost forming on them, this could mean that the pipe has already begun to freeze. Call Plumbing Etobicoke to insulate these pipes before situation goes out of control.
  3. Lack of water: If any of your fauces have been turned on but nothing comes out, congratulations, your pipes are frozen. And you are screwed! When you realize some pipe has frozen, immediately check all other pipes and call for help before your house gets water proof.

Frozen pipes, if not treated, at the right time may lead to bursting causing severe damage to the house and the individual both. Before this thing occurs, call us now to get a backup and save your house.